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What is your opinion about Obesity?

Obesity is on the rise and has been declared a disability in some places, while in others there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. I would like to know what you think on the subject.
Do you believe obesity is a disability?
Yes and no; it should be considered a disability but only under certain conditions. Obesity brought on by taking medications or a legitimate medical condition are the only kinds of obesity that should be accepted as a disability. Most other types of obesity are self-inflicted and should not be considered as a legit disability.
No way, obesity is brought on by overeating, poor self control, and laziness. There is no reason for it to be classed as a disability. It is clearly a choice that people make and it is easily preventable.
No, I feel very strongly that obesity should not be considered a disability under any circumstances. Obese people shouldn't receive special treatment and they are responsible for dealing with the consequences of their poor lifestyle and food choices.
Yes, I think that obesity should be considered a disability. Obesity can be crippling and takes a negative toll on the body. Many obese people can't stand for long periods of time, experience chronic exhaustion, and experience many other health issues. It is a legitimate disability.
A what if question. What if an obese person walked by you on the street, while munching on a hot dog they just bought at a nearby stand. What would you think of that person?
....... *walks away and crosses the street as quickly as possible*.
Mmmmm, those hot dogs look good. I think I'll go buy one for myself.
Just another person enjoying their meal, nothing to pay attention to.
Oh look, another fattie stuffing their face. They are sooooo gross!
Is obesity always unhealthy?
No, obesity isn't always unhealthy. In fact, obesity can actually be a good thing. It encourages stronger bones and muscles, helps retain body heat, and it is a sign of prosperity in some cultures.
Yes, obesity is always unhealthy. Even if a person doesn't have any obvious health issues besides obesity; they are at a much higher risk of developing problems later on.
Yes, obesity is extremely unhealthy and shouldn't be encouraged. Being overweight causes heart disease, puts a person at risk for developing diabetes and cancer, and it also is a burden on the health care industry. Obesity can also shorten a person's life span by four years or more according to recent studies.
No, a person can be perfectly healthy and still be obese. Recently, there was a study done that those who are only moderately obese had a 5 percent less risk than people of healthy weight. This proves that being obese doesn't equal being unhealthy.
This poll was created on 2014-08-11 19:38:14 by Rosharia