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Tied up!

Ever been tied up? By a friend, sister, brother, or yourself?
Are you a boy or a girl?
Who tied you up?
My sister / Brother
I tied myself up
My mother
What were you wearing?
Shirt and pants
Nothing, I was naked
How were you tied?
Ball tied
Chair tied
Tied on my bed
Were you gagged?
How were you gagged?
Cleave gagged
Tape gagged
Mouth stuffed with dirty socks
Mouth stuffed with dirty panties
Ball gag
Scarf gagged
If you were gagged with socks, were they yours or from someone else? And were they dirty or clean?
My own socks: Dirty
My sister / Brother's socks: Dirty
My own socks: Clean
My sister / Brother's socks: Clean
If you were gagged with panties, were they yours or from someone else? And were they dirty or clean?
My own underwear: Dirty
My sisters panties: Dirty
My brothers underwear: Dirty
My own underwear: Clean
My sisters panties: Clean
My brothers underwear: Clean
If you are tied up by others, did they do anything with you?
Yes, they tickled me
Yes, they masturbated me while I was tied up
No, they just left me to struggle
If you're tied up by yourself, how often do you tie yourself up?
Every day
Every week
Every month
If you're tied up by yourself, have you ever been caught?
Yes, by my sister / brother
Yes, by my mother
Yes, by my friend
No, I haven't been caught
Do you enjoy being tied up?
Yes, it turns me on
Yes, I find it fun
No, I think its annoying when they tie me up
Did your sister ever cover your face with panties?
Yes, she placed her worn panties over my face
Yes, Yes, she placed thong over my face
She never did
Have you ever tied someone else up?
Yes, my sister / brother
Yes, my mother
Yes, my friend
If so, how did you gag them?
With my worn socks, followed by ducttape
With my worn underwear, followed by ducttape
With ducttape
With a scarf
I didn't gag him / her
Any favorite experience when tied up?
This poll was created on 2014-08-14 19:05:54 by KinkyWolf