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Have you ever been grounded from any of your clothes

I walked in the houses about two weeks ago and my mom told me to give her my right shoe she put it in a bag and left never said a word I waited about a hour with just my left shoe and a sock on my right foot. then went to my room to change to another pair and all my right shoes were gone I have 5 left shoes and two left boots she got back home and I ask her were my right shoes were and she said she lost them just to wear your left shoe and a sock on my right foot and not to go barefoot. school starts soon and she took my new school shoes too .I'm in the eight grade and I hate looking down and seeing one black nike and a white ankle sock it sucks that I'm wearing one shoe, we had plans to go to sixflags and she made me go without my shoe and then we went on vacation and you guessed I only got to take my left shoes. She doesn't act like she is mad about any thing so I ask her why she is making me wear one shoe all see said was why do you need two. Me and the guys are always taking each others shoe well they don't take mine because everyone thinks its funny I only have one shoe when we go to the park.
How old are you
Under 13
Over 15
Male or female
Has your parents ever took ant of your clothing if so what
Both shoes
One shoe
If so what
How long did you lose your stuff
One day
One week
How did you feel
Did not care
Do you have stories of getting grounded from your clothes
what do you think I did to lose my shoe
This poll was created on 2014-08-28 07:06:32 by Chance2002