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What does realism mean to you?

As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is appreciated.
How would you define "realism" in fiction?
As a method, describing things as they are. The fantastic or miraculous obscures the experience of life!
As a genre, depicting the mundane. The interest lies in the humanity of the characters!
As a method, describing things in a believable way. Magic, the supernatural, the speculative, etc. can seem real!
How do you feel about fiction depicting the mundane?
I dislike it. Reading is an escape for me, so I prefer fantasy to real life.
I prefer it. It's truthful to the experience of a typical person and speaks to me.
I don't prefer it. I know how I experience the world, but I'd like to see the world through the eyes of someone who's been through something strange or exciting!
What does a "truthful representation" of something mean to you?
Depicting things as they could be were they real, removing kitschy tropes in the depiction of the miraculous or weird.
Depicting things as they are, honest about the way emotion and experience color perception.
Depicting things as they are in a removed, objective way. "Just the facts, ma'am."
How do you feel about history?
I hate it! No thanks!
I love it! I like it in my fiction or straight up.
I dislike it. I've little interest in history, but I happen to like period pieces and such.
I like it. I enjoy learning about history, but I'm not partial to historical fiction.
How do you feel about science fiction?
I love it! Bring on the photon torpedoes or whatever!
No, sir. I don't like it.
I enjoy it if the science is something that exists now or could exist in the foreseeable future.
What's your opinion on socialist realism as a literary method? Think Maxim Gorky and his ilk.
Hardly realistic, given the requirement that it be partisan to socialism!
It's an interesting look at the way revolutionaries saw the world at the time, balancing harsh criticism of the old world with optimism for the new.
Whats that? Something at Denny's?
I guess I always thought socialist realism only meant those propaganda posters. With Stalin's rosy cheeks and all.
It's partisanship is exactly what makes it realistic! It depicts life true to the revolutionary development of history!
What kind of story is best suited to realism as a literary method, in your opinion? Or, if you prefer, what else can you tell me about your feelings on realism?
This poll was created on 2014-09-16 01:37:27 by C.O. Scanlan