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Best website features?

We can spend hours online, but what is it about our favorite site we like the most? Private messages? Uploading photos? Like buttons or public forums? Hmm...
How many websites do you have an account with?
9 or more
of those, choose your favorite :) Primarily, what type of site is it?
Social network
Video related
Art promotion
P0rn site
Multiple genres
With your account, how customizable is your "profile" page? *Not customizable=just have a login name, no picture or your own page. *Very customizable= ability to add to, or change layout completely (like tumblr)
Not customizable
Somewhat Customizable (can add "about me" info)
Moderately customizable ( can ad pictures, writing, music or videos)
Very customizable : (can design most aspects of your personal page)
Personalized ( this would be like webs . com, where you can make your own website with nearly unlimited freedom)
What should every website have for you utilize?
A "search this site" bar
A public guestbook
Private guestbook
Private message system
Ability to watch / friend other users
Ability to "like", or +vote on content
Ability to vote down, and or report/flag inappropriate actions
Social network plugins at the top/bottom... Like this site has ;) lol
Ability to contact site staff
Ability To block people
What type of controls do you prefer to have on your account profile page (of any site you belong to)
Turn on/off personal icon
Safe search options
Change background color
Turn on/off :Display other sites I belong to
Ability to change usernames
Limit who can see what you post
Limit what others can post to you
What kind of unique features should a site have? (assuming this feature would apply)
"Add to cart" button
Paypal /creditcard options
Create website tools (like html site counters)
Have a login/logout button on the home page
Have a login/logout button on every page
Option to become a "premium user" by paying monthly
Show site statistics (as in #of hits / users online)
Ability for users to advertise their own page via ad bars
Which type of site feedback do you find the best you use?
Direct email
Private message
Vote up/down
Public chat area
Prefer no feedback methods
This poll was created on 2014-09-29 03:42:07 by Aeveirra509