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Gut Punching Punishment

I a Male 26 and am wondering how you would punish me for a wrong i have supposedly perpetrated by punching me in the stomach.
Male or Female?
what crime did i commit to deserve this punishment
I stole from someone you know
I ratted you out on something
you have something against me
i cheated on a bet
I stole something from you
I wronged a friend of yours
I called the police on a loud party you were having
how would you catch me to so i'd receive the punishment?
grab me from the sidewalk with the other person i had wronged and take me into the woods to do it there
lure me into a house
perform the punishment on the spot
break into my home
call me and trick me to meet you at a certain spot
Now that you have captured me what should i be wearing when i get punched?
shoes and socks
cargo pants
unbuttoned shirt with no shirt underneath
a tank
Am i already dressed like this to start with?
How should i be restrained?
Have one of your friends hold both my arms behind my back
let me freely move
tie my hands and legs to a chair
tie me to a tree (if applicable)
force me down and punch me
force me to kneel down
other please explain after
when would you stop the punishment?
if i threw up or became unconscious
if i begged you to stop
if i admitted my guilt
you got tired of beating me
you'll stop whenever you feel like it
Please explain how i should be restrained or make up your own gut punching punishment I should deserve
This poll was created on 2014-09-29 22:26:38 by Matt225