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boys or sons who take off shoes in church

this is a poll for boys or for fathers with sons who like to take off their shoes in church and other places, especially dress shoes
Are you a boy or a father with sons, and how old are you or are your son or sons?
What kind of shoes and socks do you wear to church (or does your son wear if you are a dad)?
Why do you like to take off your shoes in church (or does your son if you are a dad)?
What do you do with your shoes when you take them off in church, and have you ever lost them or had trouble finding them again?
Do you get in trouble for taking off your shoes in church, or if you are a dad, do you get mad and/or punish your son for taking off shoes in church?
Are there any other things you do at church (or that your son does)?
This poll was created on 2014-10-10 16:15:26 by showoff4dad