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Topless public protest ( Females only )

Public exposure and nudity at a time and place where we dont expect it has an undeniable attention grabbing effect. What do you think about this, and did you ever chose to express your protest or desagreemant in this particular way ? This poll is for FEMALES ONLY !
-- Have you ever took your top off and exposed your breasts during a public protest ?
No ! I go to protest sometimes but such a thing never even occured to me
No, I never did such a thing, even though I know it happens on occasion
There was one occasion where I almost worked up the courage to do so but changed my mind in the last moment ( or simular )
I was at a protest where some of the female participants got topless, but not me
I only took my shirt off, but left my bra / bikini top on
I kind of exposed my breasts at one point, for few moments
On at least one occasion I opened my blouse and partly exposed my breasts but did not dare to go further
Yes, I took my top off and fully exposed my breasts during a public protest, on at least one occasion
I was at a protest where there was some exposure but the situation was different then any of the options ( Please explain )
-- If you participate at public protests but you NEVER got topless, why was that ?
You just dont do such a thing in the country where I live
I never gave this any thought, I guess the idea never occured to me before
I am way to shy to do such a thing
So far I only atended peaceful simple protests, they were not the kind where people become to emotional, violent or do stants like taking their tops off
I have been topless in more ussual settings ( beach, pool side strip bar etc. ) but I dont think it is apropriate to do such a thing on a street during a public protest
I am not particulary shy, but I do not think baring my breasts would help the issue the protest is about, in the contrary, it may turn the protest into a circus
During one protest I intended to bare my breasts, I waited for others to do so first, nobody did so I remained dressed also
I am afraid I could be arrested if i do such a thing
There was a chanse my parents or other people i know could see the protest on TV, I didnt want them to see me bare breasted ( or simular )
My parents strongly dessaproved
My friends strongly dessaproved, or talked me out of it
My boyfriend / husband never liked the idea so i didnt do it
Other more complex reasons
-- If you NEVER got topless during a protest, do you think there is a chanse you can do so in the future ?
No, I dont think so
I wish I had the courige to do such a thing, I dont think will ever happen
Unlikely, I need to be drunk or something, to have the courige to bare my breasts in public
Maybe, if the issues of the protest means so much to me, or perhaps I am swept up in the overall mood of the moment ( e.g if others start taking their tops off )
Maybe, if some of my friends talk me into it
It is an intriguing thought, I can easily see myself doing such a thing
It is kind of fun to chalange the moral set of rules on occasion, even though I am aware that baring my breasts wont help any protest, so yes it is possible for me to do it in the future
If my boyfriend / lover / husband insists on it, perhaps I can do it
-- If you NEVER been topless at a protest, what of the following issues can possibly encourige you enough to consider it
Global warming or other enviremental issues
Animal protection and conservation
Anti war protests
Human rights issues
Protest related to Feminism and equality of the genders
Anti Globalization protest
Protests related to religios issues
Other more or less global economic issues
Protest of more local issues that affect me personally
Other issues not related to any of the options
I cant really decide, basicly if I go as far as taking my top off then all / most of them are worth doing so
While some of the issues listed are important for me, none of them is important enough to go as far as taking my top off
-- If you were NEVER topless / shirtless at a protest, what is your openion for the people who choose to protest in this way ?
I do not approve, they embarres the other participants and create tension, while adding little or no value to the protest with their nudity
Depands what sort the protest is, at some I guess its acceptible, on other kinds of protest I strongly desaprove
The problem is, after they bare their breasts everyone looks there, and not at the signs we hold !
Its kind of amusing, though protests are not meant to be amusing, right ?
While I am not sure it has much effect on the issue the protest is about, I still admire their courige and dedication
I dont care one way or another, how they choose to express their protest is their problem
-- If you are one of those who did get topless / shirtless during a public protest, how many times did you do it ? ( this and the following questions also apply to those who were stripped to their bra, just opened their blouse or just showed their breasts for a short moment )
Just once
Twice so far
Three times
Over three times
Several times, I am not sure
Many times
-- Did you plan to take your top off in advance, or the idea came during the protest ?
Yes, I planned to do so, even though it wasnt a requiremant for the protest
In a way, it was expected of those who participated to at least take their shirts off , so yes I more or less planned to do so in advance
No, I wasnt really planning, until large number of other women did so, so I joined in
I didnt really want to, until my friends ( or other participants ) talked me into it, I didnt want to be the only wimp around there
I wasnt really planning, but I did so for some other reasons not related to the options ( explain if you wish)
-- Beside you, how many of the other women were also topless / shirtless ?
The majority of the female participants were
A large number, but most of the others remained dressed
Some of them
Just a few of us
Just me and a friend of mine
As far as I could see just me
-- For how long did you remain topless / shirtless ?
Less then a minute
Perhaps a minute or two
Couple of minutes, perhaps up to ten minutes
At least twenty minutes or longer
For the most part of the protest
I took my top off several times during one protest
Most of the others remained topless / shirtless about as long as I did
Most of them remained topless / shirtless longer then I did
Most of them remained less time then i did
-- What, if any, of the following motivated you to take your top off or to expose your breasts ?
I felth very strongly about the issue the protest was for
I assumed the protest is going to have better coverige in the media or be taken more seriosly
I wanted to proove to someone I am brave enough to do it
There were other more serious motivations, but I admit I also wanted to be noticed by the guys
I meant it as a chalange to the law enforcemant officers who were present at the protest
I meant it as a chalenge to some of the established social norms, rules or practicies
I wanted to shock those who observed the protest
Other motivations ( explain if you wish )
i was just drunk, and wanted to show off
At the time I thought i had strong ideals, now I know I was just young and naive
-- How did you feel while you were topless at the public protest ?
I was proud and sutisfied with myself
Proud and embarresed at the same time
A bit embarresed
Very embarresed
I just didnt feel good about the whole thing, and decided it was a bad idea after all ( or simular )
I was siprised of how embarresed or uncomfortable I felth
I was suprised of how relaxed or comfortable I feel, I always considered myself to be relatively shy
I felth excited
I was having fun
I didnt feel much of anothing, it wasnt a big deal for me
I was doing my best to hide my embaresmant and to act as if i am cool
-- What was the protest where you got topless / shirtless about ?
Global worming or other enviremintal issues
Animal protection and conservation
Protest related to feminism and the equality of the genders
Human and minority rights issues
Anti war protest
Anti globalization protest
Other more or less global economic issues
The protest was of local nature about issues that affect me personally
Other kinds of protests
-- If you took your top off during a protest on at least one occasion, do you think you are going to do it again in the future ?
No, after what happened to me the last time I dont think i am going to attend protests any longer
No, I dont have a specific reason, I just dont intend to do it again
No, I did so once and did not feel good about it, so I dont think i will do it again
No, the last time I dared to bare my breasts in public I got in trouble, so not a chanse
It is possible I am going to do it again, depanding on the protest and the situation there
Yes, I think I am going to do it again
Even though the last time I got / almost got in trouble, I still think I am going to do such things in the future
My answer is more complex then simple yes or no ( explain if you wish )
-- Who else, beside you, also took their top off during a public protest ?
My mother
My aunt
My sister(s)
My neice
Another female relative
My best friend(s)
Some of my other friends
Co workers
Other people I know
-- What, if any , of the following happened at the protest(s) you were on?
As far as I could tell, there was little or no police presence
There was significant police presence
The police was in riot gear and ready for confrontation
The protestors were well behaved creating little or no incidents
There were some provocations and confrontational behavior by some of the protestors but the protest went on more or less peacufully
It started peacfully, but turned into a riot after some time ( or simular )
The police were mostly tolerant to those who choose to do a topless / shirtless protest, for the entire time of the protest
The police tolerated the topless protestors for a while, then they asked everyone to leave or to cover themselves if they wanted to continue the protest
The police tolerated the protest for a while then started arresting the topless protestors after issuing a warning
The police immidiately / almost immidiately started to arrest those who got topless / shirtless
Even some of those who never exposed themselves were also arrested
Most of the arrests were for other reasons ( not the nudity )
I was one of those arrested
Most of the participants calmly surrendered to the officers
Most of the participants tried to run away or were ressisting in some way
-- For those who were arrested : ( NOTE: if you were arrested, then I invite you to check some of my other polls, by clicking on my nick at the bottom of this page, thank you )
I was arrested specificly beacouse I exposed my breasts
I was indeed arrested but I dont think it was beacouse I showed some nudity
I got topless at one point during the protest, but at the time of the arrest I have already dressed
I was arrested during such protest, even though I never showed any nudity
Ironically, nothing happened to me when i participated at some topless protest, but I was arrested while attending a normal one
I tried to run away, but was not able to ( for whatever reason )
Charges were brought against me, but i was never convicted
I was convicted in court
-- What region of the world are you from ?
North America
Central and south America
Western and central Europe
Eastern and south eastern Europe
Russia or former USSR Republics
Near East
Middle East
Far East
Australia / NZ
-- How old are you ?
Under 15
15 - 18
19 - 22
23 - 26
27 - 30
31 - 34
35 - 38
39 - 42
43- 46
47 - 50
Over 50
-- Please enter the age you were at, when you participated at a protest where at least some of the participants got topless ( regardless if you were one of them or not )
The first ( or only ) time was at age of :
The last time was at age of :
-- Thank you for participating in the poll and sharing your openions. If you wish to add something or to describe the events in your own words, then please do so here, I will be glad to read it
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