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Can a shy, modest female help me shape the character of my novel?

In my novel, Brenda was 22 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & so meek that she wouldn't even wear a 2-piece suit at the beach despite a decent body. Her best friend Ashley would tease her about having a "bubble butt" under her jeans, much to her dismay, as well as her C-cup boobs that she would hide under sweaters. One hot summer day at noon she was waiting at home alone for a package to arrive & ran to the door, fresh out of the shower in just her towel. Being a klutz, she tripped, lost the towel & not only was there no package, but she locked herself out NAKED! There's NOTHING in the front or backyard to cover her untanned lily-white body with, not even a trash bag!
What is your age, are you a geek, & how close are you to Brenda's emotional & physical description?
Is this your worst nightmare? If so why? Is it the vulnerability? The helplessness?
How you would react once you felt that cold door slam against your buns, heard it click & knew for a fact you were locked outside? What would you say out loud? What would you do with your hands? How could you see yourself reacting when you feel a surprisingly cold breeze across your bare butt?
When you imagined yourself in this predicament while sitting at your computer, did you blush at all? Or subconsciously cover your breasts even though you are currently clothed?
How would your best friend react later when you told her the story of YOU of all people locking yourself out naked?
This poll was created on 2014-10-22 00:34:09 by Monica141414