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Shoe stolen

I just found this site .I'm 13yrs I'm home to day because I got my shoe stolen after school Thursday and never got it back.Then Friday I wore my cowboy boots and after school while we were at the bus stop some high school kids seen me and said there's the kid that was wearing one shoe yesterday he likes to wear one shoe lets get his boot and chased me and pulled my right boot off and through it in the back of a truck going by.I was so mad I had to go home again wearing my left boot and a sock on my right foot I got home and got grounded and had to wear one shoe All day Saturday and go to church Sunday wearing my left boot and a sock on my right foot I was so embarrassed .after church we went and got new shoes,then Monday I was out side before school playing football I got tackled and my shoe came off when I got up somebody had took my shoe and no one would tell me who took it.the bell rang and I had to go to class wearing a left black athletic shoe and just a white no show sock on my right foot. I was wearing shorts so everyone could see my foot I hated it so bad. I just got my new shoes Sunday and its the only pair I had because of Thursday and Friday. My mom thinks I left them somewhere on purpose .She did let me stay home today.But I only have three left shoes because they stole my right shoes every time .Mom said she could not buy me new shoes till she gets paid,on the 15th if she buys me new ones at all she said .I have to go back to school tomorrow so I have 18 days of school with ONE SHOE!!!!!!.i tried to borrow shoes from friends but no one wears a size 6 besides they think it funny I have to wear one shoe everywhere. I'm going to wear a black nike on my left foot and a black sock on my right foot so maybe people won't notice I'm only wearing one shoe!!!!!! . I'm curious how other kids have delt with being at school with just one shoe.
How old are you
Have you ever had your shoe stolen at school
If so how many times
One to three time
Four to six
More than six
Did you get your shoe back
Did you go home with one shoe
Did you have other shoes at home
What did you wear to school the next day
Different shoes
One shoe
What did your parents say
Grounded you
How long before you got new shoes (if you only had one to wear)
Same day
One to three days
Four to six
Did not get new shoes (have to wear one shoe still)
When did it happen to you ( month year )
How did you fill
Like it
Did not care
How did it happen
Which shoe
This poll was created on 2014-10-28 21:44:43 by Dakota12