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Sacrament of confession (for Catholics)

This poll is to find out what Catholics think of the sacrament of confession

Are you Catholic?

97% (34) Yes, I am Catholic (please continue with the poll)
2% (1) No, but I am on my way to become a Catholic (please continue the poll)
0% (0) No, I am not Catholic (Please stop here. You are not in the target group)

35 voters have answered this question.

How do you feel about going to confession?

64% (22) I love receiving the sacrament of confession.
11% (4) I never go to confession, because I don't commit mortal sins.
14% (5) I don't like confession. It's only a mean to control the faithful
5% (2) I have no use for it as I confess my sins directly to God.
2% (1) I am going to confession as soon as I am Catholic

34 voters have answered this question.

How often do you go to confession?

41% (14) Weekly
5% (2) Every couple of weeks
5% (2) Monthly
23% (8) Every couple of months
11% (4) Yearly as recommanded by the church
2% (1) Less than one a year
8% (3) Never

34 voters have answered this question.

When you belong to those Catholics who don't go to confession. What are you reasons for not going to confession?

5% (1) I don't know what's expected of me at the confession.
44% (8) I am afraid of confession
11% (2) I don't believe in the confession of my sins to a priest. I confess directly God.
22% (4) I don't sin enough to have a confession necessary.
11% (2) I don't trust priests...
5% (1) I feel that confession is only a mean of the church to control the faithful

18 voters have answered this question.

What are your experience with the sacrament of confession? What do you think of the sacrament of confession?

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10 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2014-11-23 17:53:37 by Michael Siegfried
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