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I had to become a dancing cheerleading swimsuit wedgie princess baby

I am 12. Sister is 16 and my 2 cousins are 6 and 15. We were at my beach house. Our moms left so it just us home. I was watching TV later and heard them doing something. I went up there and they were doing each others nails. The 6 year old asked me if I wanted to get my nails painted. I said ok if they were off by the end of the night. While they were drying, we were playing wii sports. I was amazing but what i didn't know was my cousins were exceptional at that game. I lost the bet which was I had to wear what ever they wanted for the rest of the night. They started with my sisters ballet outfit (tights, shoes, leotard, and also a bow). They came in on me changing and got a picture of it and sent it to themselves so I couldn't delete it. They said if I didn't want anyone else to see it, I have to do what ever they wanted. They made me do a dance routine. And then made me wear my cousins high school cheerleading uniform. (2 piece, red stripes, tight mini skirt) they made me come up with a chant and perform it for them. It was so hard to walk in the skirt. They then said I had to put on my 6 year olds one piece hot pink swimsuit. I was really skinny so it fit me. It gave me such a huge wedgie and they noticed it and gave me all the wedgies they could: squeaky clean, frontal, regular, but the worst was the hanging wedgie in the closet. It actually got comfortable after a little bit. They made go into the ocean and swim for a half hour. People saw me on the boardwalk and gave me looks. When I got back my cousin came out with hers and her sisters (6) halloween costumes. One was of Cinderella and the other was Aurora. I don't know why they got them so early. They put me in a wig and made put on the Cinderella one first they also put on makeup and heels. They also put something else underneath it, It was called spanx and was super comfortable. It felt so snug. They also wanted to keep them, and my 6 year old cousin pees in her bed and they made me wear 2 diapers and 1 pull-up. I just had to stay in that for an hour and half. I then changed into a bunch of things at one time. In order from closet on my body to farthest it was: pink swimsuit (that gave me a wedgie), tights, diapers and pull-up, leotard cheerleading uniform, spanx, and then the Aurora costume. I also had on heels. We then left to go and get some ice cream. I looked like a girl so I was fine with it. The girls knew, but the guys didn't. The girl taking orders bursted out laughing when she saw me and brought someone else to see me. She asked me to take a picture with her and her friend and while I desperately didn't want to, my sister and cousins made me. After that the moms got home. And didn't suspect a thing. The next morning, my cousin asked to go with me on my run on the boardwalk. The moms were still sleeping. My cousin blackmailed me with the pictures and made me wear a sports bra with tennis balls in it. And running shorts with lining. It also felt so comfortable but I couldn't ever let her know that. Luckily, I didn't see anyone I knew on the boardwalk. They made me keep the clothes except for the dresses and told to have them ready every time we are with each other again in order to keep those photos of me getting out. So that's my story, sorry it wasn't in great detail because the when I was first writing it all got deleted. This is also 100% true, no lie. It was so embarrassing but I sort of secretly enjoyed it. I wear those clothes when no one is home because they are so comfortable and snug.
What are some experiences you've had that are similar?
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