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Peeing scenarios

Just a poll to see what you would do in certain scenarios
You are in bed and you really need to pee but it's warm in bed and you don't want to get out to go to the toilet. What do you do?
Go in bed
Go a little until you don't need it that bad and go back to sleep
Get out of bed and pee yourself and get back in
Go to the toilet but get really cold
Wait until the morning
You are at the beach and really need to pee but there's no toilet. What do you do?
Go in the water
Go exactly where you are
Go in a hole in the sand
Wait until you get home and hope you don't leak
Where do you prefer to pee?
In a toilet
In my pants
Outdoors somewhere
This poll was created on 2015-03-20 16:15:02 by Mustard