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How do you feel about pantylines?
When you are wearing bikini panties under your jeans or pants, do you?
A) Want them to show
B) Do not want them to show
C) Think it is sexy if they show
D) Undecided
Do you feel if your thong panties are visible when you bend over is
A) Sexy
B) Unattractive
C) Can't help it the way pants are designed
D) I want guys to see my panties
If you wanted to show off your pantyline, how tight would your jeans or pants be?
A) Tight
B) Very tight
C) Snugged
D) Baggy ( like guys) sagging (like guys) to let your panties show
How would you feel if a guy told you he could see your pantyline through your clothes?
A) Embarrased
B) Kinky
C) Slap him (lol)
D) Ask him " Why are you looking"
E) Thinks he likes you
F) Think he's a pervert
G) A, C, D, and F
Tell me how you feel about visible pantylines.
When getting dressed for the day do you....
A) purposely wear clothes to reveal your pantyline if wearing bikini or brief panties
B) Try hard not to show your pantylines
C) Want and hope a guy that likes you sees your pantylines
D) You only wear thongs or cheeky style panties to avoid pantyline problems
E) Can't help it
Thank you for taking this survey. Know that you are valued and precious. Whatever you wear, the less you show, the less he will know until he captures what's really in your heart. Tell me how you feel about this survey.
This poll was created on 2015-03-31 00:45:19 by The Movies