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Movie scenes for short film (Teen girls/ Women Only!) "The Snooper"

Given the details, describe how you would act out the scene or make it better.
Scene 1 Your best friend is about to marry a handsome guy. You don't feel right about him so you snoop to find out more about him. You go to his house and steal some of his mail. You find out he is not who he says he is. What would you do?
A) Tell your best friend
B) Wait to find out more stuff
C) Call the police
D) Don't tell your best friend in fear she might be mad at you
Scene 2 What would you do with the information you found?
A) Take it to the police
B) Hold onto it and wait
C) Show it to your best friend
D) Confront your best friend's fiancé and show him what you found
Scene 3 If you confront your best friends fiancé what do you think he would say?
A) That the mail you found was someone with the same name as him
B) Get mad at you for stealing his mail
C) Threaten you that he will go to the police and tell them what you've done
D) Apologize and tell you he will confess and call off the wedding
E) Plot a way to make you disappear so that you will be out of the way and he can marry your best friend
F) A, B, C, and E
You decide to allow him to confess. How much time would you give him to tell your best friend?
A) Immediately
B) 30 minutes
C) 1 hour
D) 1 day
Scene 5 The fiancé decides he is going to make you disappear. He plots to sneak into your apartment and strangle you. You are relaxing on your couch in your living room watching a movie wearing a t-shirt, blue jean mini-skirt, and flip flop sandals. You fall asleep during the movie. He sneaks in at night through an open bathroom window. He strangles you from behind on your couch. How would you act out this scene in vivid detail being strangled by him?
Scene 6 What bodily functions do you think would happen during and after the strangling? Give details. Example: Peeing, farting, pooping etc.
Scene 7 After you've been strangled and your body lies slumped down in your couch, what other way could your body look? Give details. Example: Eyes open, eyes closed, tongue out, clothes in disarray, one sandal still on foot, etc.
Scene 8 How else do you think the fiancé would dispose of your body? Give details but no blood involved please.
How would you dispose of your body if you were the director of the movie or the mind of the fiancé?
A) Stuff your body in a closet
B) Leave you right where you are
C) Wait until very late at night and put your body in the trunk of his car and dump your body somewhere else
D) Make the scene look like a suicide
SCENE 9 The fiancé decides to make the scene look like a suicide. He hangs you up by the ceiling fan and writes a suicide note. What do you think he would write on the note?
Scene 10 Your body is discovered two days later by maintenance. What do you think the maintenance worker would see upon entering your apartment? Give details.
Scene 11 After two months of postponing the wedding, your best friend finally marries her fiancé. She receives a letter in the mail from you which you instructed the post office to withhold until two months. Inside the letter is the information you obtained about the fiancé. She reads it, and upon reading it, she is unaware he is standing right behind her. What do you think he will do to her? Give details. No bloody scenes please.
Scene 12 What happens to the fiancé/husband?
B) He moves to a country with no extradition
A) He finds a new girl
E) His conscience gets to him, he confesses and turns himself in
D) He never gets caught
C) The police catch him and arrest him
Thank you for answering the questions and playing an actress role/director roll. Would you like a different scenario next time?
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