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Relay For Life Themed Laps

We need three themed laps for the day of Relay! I want your opinions too! The three laps with the highest amount of votes will be put into the Relay For Life event schedule!
Which laps would you like to see at Relay?
My Reason Lap- Participants write down their reason for participating in Relay event and walk the lap holding up their piece of paper
Backwards Lap- Participants walk this lap backwards
Three-legged Lap- Participants pick a partner and tie their middle legs together, and walk the lap with "three legs"
Power of Purple Lap- Participants wear all purple for this lap to represent the Relay For Life colors
Selfie Lap- Participants take selfies while walking the lap, and post to social media to spread the word about Relay (if chosen should be earlier in the day)
Chicken Dance Lap- DJ plays the Chicken Dance and participants do the dance throughout the lap
Parade of Teams Lap- Teams walk this lap as a group with a team banner, poster etc.
This poll was created on 2015-03-31 17:07:52 by KayleyWatson