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hurt me 2

I'm a male of muscular build, I like to be hurt and beaten.. I particularly like to be kicked around the floor & made to feel small, would you do this to me? For any reason?
Are you male or female?
Would you beat me up knowing I want you to?
If I were laying in front of you on the floor would you kick me?
Where would you kick me?
In the stomach
In the head
In the dick
In the balls
In the face
In the back
What else would you do?
continue kicking you
Stomp on you
Punch you
Grab the nearest object & beat you with it
Slowly tread on you and crush sensitive areas
How long would it all last?
A few minutes
A few hours
I'd keep hurting you until I got bored.. Even if it took days to happen
I'd just happily beat you to death
Would you be alone or have help? Who would help you?
As I'd probably spend most of my time at your feet what footwear would you use? You could have more than one for different levels of pain if you wanted
If I produced an erection during this whole thing how would you react? What would you do?
Lastly if there's any more deail you'd like to offer please do.. You can say absolutely anything
This poll was created on 2015-04-22 23:24:38 by diesel_85