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Groin-shot: Fact or Fiction

Most people are aware that a strike in the groin is painful. In fact it can be painful for both sexes, but is famously so for boys. Can you separate the truth from the legends when it comes to groin-shots?

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Striking a virgin girl in the groin can break her hymen?
Don't know
Groin strikes are more painful for men that are circumcised because the head of their penis lacks the protection of foreskin.
Groin strikes are far more effective on boys after puberty for which of the following reasons?
Testicles are bigger thus easier targets to hit
Testicles hang lower and do not retreat into abdomen when struck
Testicles have more nerves
I didn't know this / this is not true
In males, a strike to the groin can cause which of the following symptoms?
Pain in the groin area
Pain in the stomach
Blurry vision
Nausea / vomiting
Loss of interest in sex
Pain in the feet
Heart failure
One of the most painful medical conditons that a boy can develop is testicular torsion, most common during puberty. The spermatic cord twists pinching every nerve connected to the testicles. Boys have described this as feeling as if "my nut was run over by a bus" but how does this compare to other common pains in the female?
Far worse than childbirth
About the same as childbirth
A really bad menstrual cramp
A yeast infection
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