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Hot Mixed Wrestling Match At the Club

I'm a 5'2, 22 year old white female with long brown hair. I have a slim figure, weighing 118 pounds, and sport a C cup. You walk into your favorite night club and scan the crowded dance floor. You see me dancing and decide to walk behind me, placing your hands on my hips. I begin to grind against you, my butt moving to the rhythm of the fast paced music. Once we've danced for a while you offer to buy me a drink. I grab you by the hand and lead you to the bar. For the next 2 hours you buy me several drinks while I flirt with you. Once you can't afford to spend more money, you ask for my phone number. I scoff at you "Nice try, loser. There's NO WAY you could afford me! Thanks for the drinks, dumbass!" I walk away from you, swinging my hips, "Guys are so damn gullible." You angrily approach me, Infuriated that I took advantage of you. You step forward and smack my butt hard. I turn around and shriek. No random guy deserves to touch my perfect butt, especially a scumbag like you. I angrily challenge you to a fight. You agree and meet me behind the club.
Are you a guy or a girl?
Girl voting for a guy
If you're a girl voting for a guy, who are you voting for?
How old are you?
What's your height?
Above 6'6
How much do you weigh?
130-150 pounds
160-180 pounds
190-210 pounds
220-240 pounds
250-270 pounds
280-300 pounds
Above 300 pounds
What's your ethnicity?
What's your skin complexion?
Light Brown
Dark Brown
What's your hair style and length?
Short, straight
Short, shaggy
Short, curly
Medium length, straight
Medium length, shaggy
Medium length, curly
Long, straight
Ate there any bets placed before the match? If so, what are they? Will the loser have to do something for the winner?
No, beating you will be enough satisfaction. I don't want anything else to do with you once the fight has finished.
Yes, beating you won't be enough. You're going to pay for taking advantage of me. (What will your bet be?)
As we stand in the back lot of the club, you stare me down. I'm wearing a short, tight, black low-cut dress that shows off my cleavage and accentuates my voluptuous backside.Black high heels cover my dainty feet. What are you wearing?
Average style - T-shirt, shorts and athletic shoes
Preppy style - Polo shirt, Polo khaki shorts that rise above your knees and Sperry's
Semi-formal style - white button-up shirt and tie, khaki pants and dress shoes
Beach style - Tank top, board shorts and flip-flops
Rock/Emo style - Rock Band t-shirt, black pants, skate shoes
After I make fun of your clothing, I approach you, send a hard slap to your face and punch you in the stomach. "I hope you enjoyed our dance earlier, because that's the closest your tiny cock will ever get to perfection!" Infuriated, you lash out at me.
You put me in a head lock, wrenching down on my neck with your arm. "You have it all wrong, babe. I'm going to be balls deep in that perfection when I'm done with you." So saying, you bulldog my face into the ground.
You kick me hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me and forcing me to bend over. You walk behind me, rub your hands together and deliver a stinging slap to my butt. I yelp in pain and clutch my backside.
You try to slap me in the face but I see the move coming and evade the attack by dropping to my knees. I take advantage of my position and punch you in the nuts. You groan in pain and clutch yourself as I laugh at you.
As you approach me, I bend my right leg back and quickly snap my leg forward, smashing my manicured foot in between your legs. You immediately drop to your knees, how long in pain. My knee slams into your jaw, knocking you on your back.
A large crowd has now gathered outside as our battle intensifies. I arrogantly scoff at the men in the audience who seem to be turned on by the sight of me. "All of you can keep dreaming. Not a single person in here deserves me!" I shout at them. The audience is making me angry so I decide to take my anger out on you.
I send a flurry of kicks that collide with your manhood, causing you to fall on your back. I straddle your waist, grinding against your sore package. I slide up your chest and place you in a school boy pin, taunting you as I shove my womanhood in your face.
I push you against a nearby dumpster, using my hands to pin your shoulders down, and slam my knee multiple times into your crotch. You cry out in pain and drop into the fetal position as I arrogantly place my foot on your body.
I attempt to kick you in the crotch but you catch my foot. I try to keep my balance on one foot, but my heels make it difficult. You remedy my situation by returning the favor and send a hard kick that connects with my crotch. I wail in pain, curl in a ball and clutch my aching womanhood.
I lovingly place my hands on your shoulders and stare into your eyes as I brutally knee you in the nuts. My knee doesnt connexts, hitting your inner thigh. You drop to you knees in front of me as if my attack was successful. I arrogantly step in front of you, grabbing the back or your head. You rapidly uppercut my crotch several times. I let out a squeal as I clutch myself in shock. I drop to the ground and massage my aching mound.
I absolutely despise you at this point and try to really humiliate you. I punch you in the nuts and knee you in the face. You fall on your back, holding your stinging face. I gleefully rip off your shirt and throw it into a nearby trashcan. I remove your bottoms next and toss them into the trash as well. I smirk at you "So that nasty little thing in those boxer briefs is yours? It's so small!! No wonder I couldn't even feel you during that dance!" I turn away and face the crowd "Let it be known that if any man thinks that they can defeat me, I will own them, just like I owned this loser." The audience boos at me as I arrogantly flaunt myself. I'm so preoccupied that I don't see you standing behind me. What happens next?
You turn me around, pick me up over your head and drop me onto the ground. I hold my face and chest, moaning in pain, as you stand over my body. You pull the straps of my dress off my shoulders before yanking the top half of my dress down, exposing my elegant black bra. The crowd cheers as I scream in shock and attempt to cover my chest.
You tackle me to the ground and straddle my waist. Before I can recover, you yank down the top half of my dress, much to the delight of the horny crowd. I scream and try to cover up my breasts which are only covered by an elegant black bra. You sit on my back and apply a camel clutch. To add to my humiliation, you use your free hand to reach inside my bra and feel me up.
You clothesline the back of my neck and quickly rip apart the top half of my dress, leaving me in an elegant black bra. I scream in shock and cover my breasts. I try running away from you, but you slam me down on the mat. You grin as you mount my body and send hard slaps to my partially exposed chest.
You grab my shoulders and pin me against a nearby dumpster. My back slams hard against the dumpster and I let out a wail of pain as you send devastating knife edge chops to my chest. With tears in my eyes, I begin to stumble. As I stumble forward, you throw a trashcan at my back, causing me to fall on my face. You kick me over so that I'm laying on my back. You stare hungrily at my body; the top half of my dress ripped down to my flat abdomen, my chest rising and falling as I gasp for air. You hook your fingers into the ripped fabric of my dress, which has fallen to my belly button, and slowly peel the tattered fabric down until it is completely off my slim body. The back lot of the club fills with cat calls and cheers of approval. My eyes widen with shock and I desperately attempt to cover my butt and crotch, which are barely covered by dainty black thong. My face turns red as I cry out. What happens next?
You place me over your outstretched knee, grab the waistband of my panties and yank up. I cry out as the fabric cuts into my delicate areas and the cloth is forced even further up my backside. "Someone should've done this to you years ago!" You shout as you spank my butt. I scream out and kick my legs as you beat my cheeks red. I'm soon sobbing like a baby from the onslaught and the humiliation.
I grab onto your crotch, hoping to crush it in my hands. You scream out and, thinking quickly, grab onto the front waistband of my panties and yank up. I scream in pain as the fabric rides up and cuts into my vagina. I immediately release my hold on your groin in order to grab my own. You viciously pull even harder and higher, causing me to squeal in pain.
I grab onto your crotch, crushing it in my hand. You desperately try to pry my hand away, but it's to no avail. I twist, yank and dig my manicured nails into your throbbing groin, relishing in your painful screams. "You won't be able to use this area in a long time!" I laugh as I continue to maul your package.
I push you against the back wall of the club, grab the front waistband of your underwear and harshly yank up! You groan as the fabric cuts against you. I smile cruelly as I repeatedly ram my knee into your package. I keep your underwear in a tight front wedgie as I knee you, insuring that each strike connects.
The match is coming to an end. Who is able to win the match and, in turn, completely humiliate and dominate their rival?
I wobble unsteadily on my high heels, looking punch drunk. You kick me in the stomach, causing me to bend over. You place the back of my head between your legs and run your hands down my back. You unhook my bra and peel down the straps. You grab my waist and scoop me up into a powerbomb. With my thighs around your head, you grab my waistband and lift me in the air by my thong. I squeal as you finish the maneuver, powerbombing me to the ground, my bra fluttering off my body as I'm slammed. I'm completely knocked out from the impact. You victoriously place your foot on my dosing face as you pose.
I reach inside you underwear and begin playing with you. My attempts to distract you seemed to have worked. I remove my bra and leap, wrapping my legs around your waist and arms around your head, pulling your face into my cleavage. Your caught off guard by my breast smother. Thinking quickly, you ram me into the dumpster. I quickly fall on my butt, my upper body leaning against the dumpster. My plan to distract you backfires as you lower your boxers and ram into my face. I choke and hysterically flail my arms and kick my legs as my throat is invaded. I eventually pass out from lack of air.
I have you under control as I strip off your boxer briefs, grab onto your nuts and yank you around the lot by them as you squeal in pain. I release you from my hold only to slam my foot into your groin. You collapse in the fetal position. I smirk at how pathetic you are, grab your ankles and spread your legs wide. I hover my foot over your groin as you hold your hands up in protest. Your pleas for mercy are cut off as I cruelly stomp my foot down on your package multiple times, eliciting screams from you. On the last stomp I make it a point to grind my pointy heel into you. Once you're completely helpless, I begin stroking you. When you're on the verge of climaxing, I stop playing with you and punt you in the balls. You pass out from pain as I stand over your body in dominance.
I'm completely owning you. Your package belongs to me now as I go on a ball busting rampage. I push you against the back wall of the club and viciously send my knee into your balls. You begin to sag down the wall but I make you spring back up as I send several swift kicks between your legs. Once I've kicked you, I grab your package and squeeze and twist. You scream in agony as your package is completely mauled. After several seconds, my vice-like grip is too much for you and you whimper out your submission. I grin as you crumple to the ground. I victoriously plant my foot on your groin and raise my hands in triumph.
If I won, I stand over your body and smirk at you. "You're so pathetic! I can't believe you actually thought that you had a chance with me." I proceed to kick, stomp and completely crush your groin. You scream in pain as your manhood is destroyed. Once your manhood is rendered useless, I force you to get on your knees and kiss my amazing, voluptuous ass. After I'm satisfied with your ass-kissing, I force you to kiss my feet and suck on my toes. I continue to laugh at how pathetic you are. Before I leave, I sit on your face and rain punches down into your balls. You immediately pass out from the pain. I stand up and find your wallet laying on the ground. I take your wallet and wrap the tattered material of my dress around my firm body. I go back inside the club to get more free drinks from some stupid man.
You wake up in the back lot and continue to lay there, your groin is so battered that you can't even move.
You wake up and find your clothes. You get dressed and try to drive home, but you have no gas. With no wallet, your forced to walk back home, completely defeated.
You wake up and storm into the club, challenging me to a rematch.
You didn't lose. You defeated me.
If you won, you grab onto the waistband of my thong, and peel it off, revealing my smooth, shaved crotch. You stare at my young, nubile, naked body. The only thing I have left on are my black high heels which you decide to leave on. You grin as ideas race through your head. How do you further humiliate me? *You can select more than one choice.
You drag me back into the club and force me to get on my knees in front of you in the center of the dance floor. You lower your boxer briefs, allowing your sweat covered dick to flop out. Your boxers fall to your ankles as you grab the back at my head. I plead for mercy but if falls on deaf ears as you force me to give you a blowjob.
You drag me back into the club and lay me on the center of the dance floor. You strip off your boxer briefs, spread my legs and place my ankles on your shoulders. I plead with you not to do it but you screw me in the center of the ring. You grin as I moan in discomfort. You bring me to a massive orgasm. As I lay panting on the mat, you force your sweaty, juice-coated dick inside my horrified mouth. I gag in disgust at the taste of my own orgasmic juices. You eventually blow your load into my mouth and all over my mortified face.
You drag me into the club and find 3 men who I have previously taken advantage of. They proceed to gang bang me on the dance floor. I end up getting orally, anally, and vaginally penetrated at the same time. I'm a sobbing, sore mess when they're finished.
You force me to become your sex slave. Tears run down my face as you place a dog collar around my slender neck.
You toss me into the horny crowd at the club. The crowd quickly envelops my nude body and soon you can hear my horrified screams. My night doesn't end until every man in attendance has their way with me.
You open up the sliding door to the dumpster and drape my body over the opening. My face and upper body buried in the trash and my lower body dangling on the outside of the dumpster. You grin as you ram yourself in my upturned backside. My screams of pain are muffled as you have your way with me. Once you finish, you leave my body dangling there, so someone else can take their turn.
You open the lid to the dumpster and toss me face-first inside. I immediately stand up and scream. My nude body is covered in disgusting filth. The typical items someone would associate with a dumpster next to a club were stuck all over my body. I begin sobbing as liquid drips down my body. You cruelly slam the lid on my head and lock it shut, forcing me to stay locked in the trash.
I didn't lose. I defeated you.
If there were any bets placed before the fight, what happens? If there weren't any bets, does anything else happen after the match? Do I do anything else to you, or you to me?
If there is a rematch, would you like there to be a special stipulation? Such as, loser must shave their head, or loser must wear diapers? *This question is not required.
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