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Have YOU been gunged?

Lets find out about your gunge experiences
Okay, first things first, Are you...
How old are you?
Now the fun stuff, how old were you when you got gunged/slimed/messy?
What did you wear for the experience?
What was used and how? For example was custard poured over your head or were you pushed into a paddling pool or homemade gunge?
How many people witnessed it?
How did you feel about getting messy?
Would you get/Have you got messy again?
If you would but haven't feel free to share any gunge related dreams/ideals you have here...
If you have got messy other times than the one mentioned above and would like to tell about it, please feel free to do so here...
Thank You very much for doing this little thing, my gameshow story poll will be out in due time
This poll was created on 2015-07-02 10:19:30 by no.24