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Truth Or Dare 18+

A Good Old Game Of Truth Or Dare Online!After Every Round, Drink A Large Glass Of Water If You Made It All The Way Through (Answering Honestly And Doing Every Dare You Say You Will) Say So In The Messages Along With A Truth Or Dare I Have To Do (And I Will Post In The Messages If I Did Or The Answer). NO HOLDS BARRED
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Have You Ever Sexually Used Someone To Get Something You Want? If So, Who
Dare: You Can No Longer Go To The Bathroom For The Rest Of The Game (Or Night If You're Brave) Drink 3 Glasses Of Water
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Do You Have A Fetish, If So What?
Dare: Take Off Your Pants, Now Go To Your Next Door Neighbor Asking To Borrow A Pair Of Pants
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Have You Ever Cheated On Your Boy/Girl Friend
Dare: Find A Pair Of Underwear From A Member Of The Opposite Sex And Change Into Them (If There Are People In The Room Do It In Front Of Them)
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Have You Ever Had "Tongue" With A Relative
Dare: Go Out Into The Middle Of The Road Dressed Like A Hooker And Do The Chicken Dance..Stay Dressed Like That For The Rest Of The Game
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Who Would You Go Gay For (Or Straight Depending On Your Sexual Interests)
Dare: If You Chose Dare For The Last Round, Give Someone A Lap Dance (Go Outside And Find A Stranger If There's No One In The Room With You) If You Picked Truth Last Time, Take Off Your Pants And Do The Same.
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Share A Dirty Secret
Dare: Pleasure Yourself...RIGHT NOW
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Do You Think Your Best Friend Is A Bitch
Dare: Eat 3 Laxatives Right Now
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Share An Embarrassing Habit You Have
Dare: Do Whatever It Is Your Embarrassing Habit Is (Embarrassing Sure, But At Least You Aren't Sharing It With The Whole Internet)
Truth Or Dare
Truth: What Is Your Best Race Joke
Dare: Twerk
Truth Or Dare
Truth: Do You Sometimes Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex
Dare: Pee Yourself Now
Did You Enjoy The Game
Do You Want More Polls From me?
No Never
Ye Sure
Meh Not Really
Did You Play The Game Honestly? (Answered All Questions Honestly, Did All The Dares I Chose, Didn't Skip Any Round)
Yep Proudly
Yes And I Humiliated Myself
Yes...And I'm Pretty Sure I Ruined My Chances With This Girl/Guy I Like. Post Their Name In Da Box!
No I'm A Horrible Person
Just Out Of Curiosity, What Kind Of Person Would You Say You Are?
Gamer Guy
Gamer Girl (Hey Baby Boo)
Athletic Kinda Guy
Athletic Kinda Girl
The Star Player
The Mascot
Film Geek
Theater Geek
Geek Geek
The Mathlete
Batman (In The Spotlight)
Robin (Sidekick)
This poll was created on 2015-07-16 07:17:44 by swizzle