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Lesbians who sag their pants.

My name is Doreen, I'm 25, lesbian and sag my pants. I see so many pools for guys who sag their pants and very few for women so that's why I made this one.
I'm a year old woman from
What do you do/say when people tell you to pull your pants up?
Do you ever pull your pants down extra low or your underwear up extra high to see how people react?
Is it okay to sag your pants anywhere like at work for example?
How low do you sag your pants?
Half the butt
Below the butt
Low on hips
What underwear do you wear when you sag
Do you sag your pants because it's comfortable or to show off the undies or some other reason?
Do you sag your pants every day or does it depend on Mood, underwear, where you are or some other reason?
How do people react when you sag?
This poll was created on 2015-07-16 16:58:10 by Doreen_glover