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How should I be punished?

I swore, lied, and I stole something but it only cost 1$ and my aunt noticed it wasn't on the receipt after I told her I bought it and cursed at her when she figured it out. She is making my punishment through this quiz. I am a teenage girl and haven't had a spanking in my life so if you go with that, go easy, I've only ever been grounded and though I've lied and cursed I've never stolen except this. She will punish me at the end of the week and double it if I become a repeat offender.
Which punishments should be delivered? You may click multiples
Wash mouth out with soap
early bedtime
public embarrassment
time out
How angry would you be as my aunt?
If you selected "wash mouth out with soap", How many times and how long should my aunt do it for? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
If you selected chores, state which ones I must do for how many times.
If you selected Spanking, Please say the Position, Impliment, number of strokes, and what should happen after my spanking.
If you selected spanking, How should I be dressed?
Over clothes
On panties
If you selected Time out, How long should it be and where?
If you selected public embarrassment, what should it be? (My aunt is not doing the sign thing, she more means for me to be scolded in front of my cousins or her friends.)
If you selected lines, How many must I do and what will the line be? Should I be sitting or standing while I complete it?
If you selected other, Please describe.
Do you feel sorry for the punishment I will receive?
Kind of
You deserve it, sooooo... Nope!
This poll was created on 2015-07-18 20:16:54 by MirandaD1995