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Dress up for the holidays

It's still summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the autumn/winter holidays will be upon us soon. I would like everyone's opinion of our outfits for the occasions. It is very possible that we will dress exactly as everyone votes.
First the demographics... Your gender?
Identify as male
Identify as female
Under 18
Do you celebrate the autumn/winter holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, New Year's Eve, etc...
No, I don't celebrate those holidays
Do you think that people should dress up for holidays?
It may be appropriate in some situations
The wife and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with family. Please select the outfit that she should wear for these occasions. This will be her outfit for the entire day. Our families do not have a tradition of dressing up for holidays, but I would like to start such a tradition.
Full length dress with short/no sleeves and a jacket or sweater
Knee length dress with long sleeves
Maxi-skirt with a high-neck, long sleeve blouse
A knee-length skirt with a white, long-sleeve blouse and a festive sweater
Dress slacks and a turtle neck sweater
Overalls and a bodysuit
Jeans and a sweatshirt
And what should I wear?
A tuxedo
Standard suit and tie with a jacket
Slacks, tie and long sleeve shirt
Slacks and a button-down shirt (no tie)
Slacks and a polo shirt
Jeans and a sweatshirt
We will probably go out to a bar or club for New Year's Eve. What should she wear?
A little black dress
Thigh-length skirt and blouse
A romper
Denim skirt and a tee-shirt that says "This Girl Has A Crush On Her Husband"
Slacks and a blouse
Jeans and sweatshirt
And what should I wear?
Slacks, dress shirt and tie
Slacks and dress shirt
Full suit with tie and jacket
Jeans and dress shirt
Jeans and sweatshirt
What should she wear when going to bed after the festivities?
Footie pajamas
A full-length nightgown
A short night-shirt
Sexy lingerie
Two-piece pajama set
Tee shirt and sweat pants
And what shall I wear to bed?
Footie pajamas
Two-piece pajama set
Satin boxers
Tee shirt and sweat pants
(Optional) Any other thoughts?
This poll was created on 2015-07-30 06:00:49 by idiotocracy