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Dare: Getting covered in cow manure

I used to work on a dairy farm and a friend once dared me to jump into a deep manure pile in just my underwear. What are your thoughts on getting covered in cow manure? Gross? Fun?
Would you jump into a pit or pile of cow manure if someone dared you to?
No way!
Maybe, if I got money out of it.
Maybe, if I didn't have to get TOTALLY covered.
Yeah, I guess.
Definitely, it would be fun!
What outfit(s) would you want to wear if you were to jump or swim in cow manure?
A full bodysuit so my skin didn't touch it
Normal clothes
Gym shorts
Just my underwear
Nothing, I'd do it totally naked
How deep would you want the manure to be, if you were to jump in?
Just an inch or two, no more
A couple feet deep
4-5 feet deep so I could still stand up!
As deep as possible!
How long would you stay in the cow manure?
As short a time as possible
A minute
Ten minutes
An hour
I'd stay in it all day, it's like a mud bath!
Do you think it's good for your skin?
Yeah, it's just like a mud bath!
Probably neither good or bad for your skin
No way, it's MANURE. It's CRAP!
Have you ever actually been in manure?
Yes, I've gone swimming or wading in a manure pit
Yes, I've walked through some slimy cow crap, but it wasn't too deep
I've been on a farm but have avoided the manure!
I've never really been near cow manure.
Tell me about yourself:
Tell me a little more: Have you ever been in cow manure? Would you like to play, swim, jump in cow manure? Take a manure bath? Or do you think it's the grossest thing you've ever heard? THANKS!!
This poll was created on 2015-08-13 01:05:31 by Hcp