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What should I wear for this formal event

I have this end of the summer girls basketball formal coming up and need to figure out which evening gown I should wear? There's also like a fifty percent chance that I will get "pied" in the face a bunch of times (not just one haha, it gets really messy) because I'm co-captain of the team and the players gets to vote on who to pie.
Which gown should I wear
Long blue velvet gown
Long red velvet gown
Long pink velvet gown
Should I bring extra make up to fix myself
Should I bring one of my other gowns to change into
No - wipe off as much as I can and keep wearing the gown
If you were at this event would you pie me
Yes - it would be fun and funny
No - I wouldn't want to ruin your gown
If you said yes to pie me in the face, how many pies would you smash in my face
1-2 pies
3-5 pies
10+ pies I want you covered
How would you pie me
Throw the pie from a distance so it wouldn't just hit my face but land on my gown also
Smash it in my face and let it fall down the front of my gown
What kinds of pies would you hit me with
Custard and chocolate pies
Apple, strawberry, blueberry and pumpkin pies
Heavy plain whip cream pies
Heavy whip cream covered in chocolate sauce on top pies
For people who want to be detailed, how would you pie me
Girls would you like to participate in a formal event like this? And what kind of dress would you wear?
What kind of pies and how many would you want to get hit with
After You been hit with the pies would you stay in your dress or would you want to change
Has anyone been in formal wear and been pied or slimed before if so what were you wearing and what got you messy
This poll was created on 2015-08-31 11:10:40 by bri22