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Evangelical Christian Poll

This is a poll for those who consider themselves Evangelical Christians in the United States. Please only Evangelical Christians take this poll so there can be accurate results. Polls on other beliefs will follow.
Black or African-American
Native American/Alaskan
Pacific Islander
Denomination (please note some denominations have different sects please choose closet to you)
Inter Denominational
Non -Denominational
Church of Christ
Disciples of Christ
Seventh Day Adventist
Political Views
Democratic Party
Republican Party
Libertarian Party
Green Party
Not political
The GOP has had a lock on the Evangelical vote since 1980 why do you believe that the Democratic Party does not get votes by in large from Evangelicals? (Choose all that apply)
Democrats support by in large abortion rights and not the right of the unborn
Republicans are closer to Judeo-Christian values
Republicans care more about family values
Republicans want to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court and not activist judges.
Democratic Party became too liberal
Democratic Party caters to the Gay and Lesbian agenda
Democratic Party does not compete for the Evangelical vote
Other reasons
According to the Gallup poll 77% of American adults consider themselves Christian why do many consider there is a war on Christianity?
Our Christian values been eroded since prayer was taken out of public schools in the 60's
Christians are being forced by the government to go against their beliefs ie such as a baker told he/she has to bake a cake for a same sex couple
Christians have been attacked by the left and the media for their beliefs
God is being erased from the public square
Our government is becoming secular
Christians are mocked in Hollywood
We believe in traditional marriage and won't conform to "modern" society.
I am an Evangelical and believe the war on Christianity been over hyped
President Barack Obama
He says he is a Christian, l take him at his word
He is a Muslim
I don't believe he is religious at all
I don't give much thought to his religious beliefs
President Barack Obama
Born in the United States
Born in Kenya
Donald Trump been married 3 times, had an affair, and promotes gambling would you vote for him over Hillary Clinton?
I believe in
A combo of both
No opinion
Is America a Christian nation?
Not anymore
It should be
How on fire is your Christianity?
I publicly proclaim and witness about the teachings of Jesus Christ whenever and wherever I can
I'm very involved with my church and it's ministry
I live a Godly life daily
I am a believer who attends church and that's about the extent of it
The Duggar family
I support them
I believe they are a little extreme for my taste
I believe they are misunderstood
People need to leave them alone
Why do you believe Josh Duggar "acted out"?
He fell to temptation
He was raised by parents who repressed him
He made his own choices
I don't know that's between him and God
Confession: things you do or have done outside the norm of Evangelical Christianity while still practicing your faith
I've listened to secular music
I've been dancing
I've been to the bar
I've watched R-Rated movies and or programs on TV not Christian themed
I've done more than "hold hands and side hug" with my boyfriend/girlfriend
At times my tongue has spoke foul ie yes I've cussed
I have been to a "book" store and l don't mean Barnes and Noble.
I've done other things that are un Evangelical
I'm not perfect but l strive to be
I prefer
Fox News
Other Conservative media
Kim Davis
I support her cause
I believe her cause will hurt our over all message
What would you like to say to those who are not Evangelical
We are not what some makes us out to be, we are good people who just want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
I'm Evangelical and live a normal life l don't "bible" beat l just live for the Lord.
I'm on fire for the Lord and will spread his message as long as l live.
I'm Evangelical but pretty quiet about it.
Your thoughts on this poll
It was evenhanded thank you
I took it at the same time felt it had a subtle liberal slant to it
I would have liked to have seen more questions about the moral decline in this country
I would like to see more polls like this
This poll was created on 2015-10-01 01:54:55 by dallasvoyer