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Sexual assault on campus

This poll is about the serious topic of growing number of sexual assaults happening on college campuses all over the country. Latest surveys show that between 20% and 30% of young women are victims of non-consensual sexual contact. How can we respond to assaults and most importantly what can we do to prevent them? Be advised that this poll is not addressing rape, which is a serious crime, but all other cases of sexual violence towards female students.
First, what gender group are you in?
Do you currently live on campus?
If you DO live on campus (or lived before) have you heard of at least one person sexually assaulted on YOUR campus?
Yes, I have
No, I haven't
What can be done to prevent sexual assaults?
Strict curfew
Increase number of campus police/security officers
Mandatory self defense classes for girls
Harsher punishment for sexual assault
More security cameras, indoor and outdoor
Free mace spray for each female student
These measures are ineffective and not needed
Your proposal:
If you believe in harsher punishments, what should it be?
Min 5 years in prison
Min 10 years in prison
Min 15 years in prison
No need to change existing punishment range
Sexual assault is a crime that may not leave any evidence. What should we do, if a girl says she was assaulted and identifies the offender but there are no witnesses and no injury was done. For example, groping of breasts has happened. For the male it's the first offense of this kind.
We let him go due to lack of evidence.
The offender is placed on watch list or probation, say 5 months long, and is closely monitored by the police.
The offender is expelled
The offender is given a light punishment, e.g. 1 month in jail.
The offender is given a serious punishment with a mandatory prison term, e.g. min 5 years in prison.
Same male is accused for the SECOND TIME of similar assault by same or another girl. What should be done about the repeated offense?
Repeated offense - we let him go due to lack of evidence.
Repeated offense - probation.
Repeated offense - expulsion
Repeated offense - 1 month in jail.
Repeated offense - min 5 years in prison.
Does a girl have the right to attack the male before the assault has happened? E.g. when the male acts agressively or she feels he may harm her.
She can mace him
She can hit him in the groin
She can't attack the male. She should run and call for police/security.
Touching of intimate areas such as breasts, buttocks and groin is definitely sexual assault. Should other body parts be added to this list?
Chest except breasts
Should unwanted kissing be considered sexual assault?
Should a verbal remark (either positive or negative) about a girl's intimate body part be considered sexual assault?
And finally regarding false accusations. When determined that the girl falsely accused the male of sexual assault, what consequences she should face?
Verbal warning
Arrest and fine
Short jail time
Thanks and below is the field for your suggestions.
This poll was created on 2015-10-20 12:16:17 by Darkhaired