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Females only: Should locker rooms be unisex?

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Male (Do not answer any more questions. Please take my Males only: Should locker rooms be unisex? poll instead.).
Female (continue)
Do you think public restrooms should be unisex?
Do you think gym locker rooms should be unisex?
Should the changing areas in gym locker rooms be unisex?
How should the changing area in a unisex locker room be set up?
Stalls with curtains
Stalls without curtains
Should a gym's gang shower be unisex?
Would you support unisex gym locker rooms for any of these reasons? Check all that apply:
Unisex locker rooms would be more efficient in buildings, especially in smaller ones.
Safety. Unisex locker rooms would provide women with better protection from sexual assault. The presence of other men in the locker room would deter a would-be rapist.
Getting to see attractive members of the opposite sex naked.
Unisex restrooms and locker rooms would make facilities more accessible to families, especially when accompanying children of a different gender.
Boys and men would learn to become open and secure with the female gender. Girl shyness would be prevented and eliminated by being naked in front of girls and women.
Girls and women would enjoy the visual fringe benefits of seeing buff naked men.
This poll was created on 2015-11-27 02:26:49 by Kevin J