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Flaws in NBC's The Office

What did you think of the show's handling of Jim and Pam's relationship?
I thought it was perfect!
I thought they should have gotten together sooner.
I thought they should have gotten together much later.
I thought they should have had an on-again/off-again relationship, like Ross and Rachel in Friends
I thought there should have been more drama in the relationship.
When should the show have ended?
After season 1
After season 2
After season 3
After season 4
After season 5
After season 6
After season 7
After season 8
Exactly when it did
What character suffered from the most inconsistent characterization?
Jim-he wouldn't have taken the Philadeliphia job without telling Pam
Angela-she participated in the office's antics more in later seasons
Pam-she became more mean-spirited and outgoing as the show went on
Andy-he switched from angry, unhinged threat to couldn't-hurt-a-fly
Ryan-he changed personality frequently
How believable was it that it was a documentary?
Sort of
Not really
Not at all
Only at the show's very beginning and very end
Who was the most underused character?
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