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After Birth Abortions

It's been forty-three years since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in America. But some have suggested that pre birth abortions might not be sufficient. This poll was created to determine if you support or oppose After Birth Abortions.
Do you support the legalization of After Birth Abortions for unwanted children?
If you voted "yes" please check all the reasons for After Birth Abortions with which you agree.
Unwanted children contribute to Climate Change.
Unwanted children consume medical resources that could better be devoted to desired children.
The mother should have the right to choose if her child is to reach adulthood or not.
If displeased with the current child the mother should have the option of an After Birth Abortion and attempt to give birth to a more desirable child.
If the mother loses her job or becomes homeless she shouldn't be burdened by an unwanted child.
Children will be better behaved once they know that they could be aborted.
What would you considered the maximum age in years for an After Birth Abortion?
How should After Birth Abortions be implemented?
Lethal Injection
Beheading by Guillotine
A Single Bullet to the back of the Head
Electric Chair
Gas Chamber
Should Children of both genders be aborted or only a single gender?
Abort Girls Only
Abort Boys Only
Abort Both Boys and Girls.
Should children be aborted singly or in groups?
Abort children one at a time
Abort children in groups
Should children be considered for After Birth Abortions for the following reasons?
Being Gay
Being Transgender
Having Excessive Interest in Pornography
Being Sexually Active
Should the body parts of aborted children be sold for medical research?
If an eight year old neighborhood boy was a creating a nuisance and stealing apples from your apple tree and if his mother happened to mention that she was considering an After Birth Abortion for him what would you do?
I'd strongly encourage an After Birth Abortion for the boy
I'd suggest that an After Birth Abortion might be good for the peace of the neighborhood
I'd offer no opinion on the matter
I'd suggest that an After Birth Abortion might be overreacting
I'd strongly discourage an After Birth Abortion for the boy
If the mother of the neighborhood boy decided on an After Birth Abortion for her child but had a scheduling conflict on the day of the procedure and if she asked you to drive her son to the clinic what would you do? Assume that the boy has been placed in a straight jacket and gaged to make him easy to handle. Assume also that the abortion is clinic is less than half an hour away by car.
I'd happily assist the mother by driving her boy to the abortion clinic
I'd agree to drive the boy but only if his mother was willing to pay for gas
I'd refuse to drive the boy to the abortion clinic
If you decided to take the boy to the abortion clinic what would you do during the half hour drive?
Leave they boy gaged and try to think of him as nothing more than cargo. Don't tell the boy anything.
Explain to the boy that you regret taking him to his procedure but reassure him that he shouldn't view being aborted as any sort of personal failing. Tell him it's just that things didn't work out and since it happens to hundreds of other boys just like him everyday he shouldn't be too upset.
Tell the kid that this is payback for the apples he took from your yard
Once you reached the abortion clinic what would you do? Assume that as the person dropping off the boy you'd have the option of choosing the procedure to be used on him.
I'd use the "Quick Drop Box" located in parking lot and drive away as fast as I could. I wouldn't specify any procedure and I'd try to forget the ordeal
As payback for being a little brat I'd ask for an inhumane procedure such as hanging or the gas chamber
I'd forgive the boy for the stolen apples and ask for a quick and painless procedure such as beheading by guillotine
If you selected the method of abortion would leave the clinic immediately or would you stay to see it carried out as specified?
I'd leave the boy in the capable hands of the trained professionals. I wouldn't stick around to see it happen.
Since I've come this far I'd stay to see that the job was carried out as I asked
Would you chose to have the boy clothed or naked for his abortion?
Clothed, let him go out with a bit of dignity
Naked came he into the world and so naked should he return
This poll was created on 2016-02-12 00:08:40 by Stanford1969