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Do you ever feel transexual or transgender? "Gender dysphoria" episodes?

OK, I would sometimes like to have been born the opposite sex. Not always, and actually I'm a kinda feminine girl and proud of it, but during some periods in my life I have felt a need to have been born a boy by no specific apparent reason (although it happens more when I am under stress.) But it's just how it is. A psychologist told me this could be "occasional gender dysphoria episodes." (???) I wonder if there're more people like me out there! Most questions are optional, so feel free. If you find any question offensive, they're not intended to be, it's just my ignorance so please forgive me.
Genetically, you were born a:
Intersex / hermaphrodite
Other (please explain:)
Your age is:
You were mostly raised or you have lived most of your life in (country or region:)
OK, straight to the point: Have you ever felt the need or strong desire to have been born the opposite (genetic) sex?
No, never (thank you very much, now please go to the end of the poll and click "submit vote" if you're so kind)
A few times in my life.
Here and then.
Many times.
I'm a pre-op MtF trans.
I'm a pre-op FtM trans.
I'm a post-op MtF trans.
I'm a post-op FtM trans.
Other (please explain:)
Is there something that "triggers" this wish or need?
No, nothing special.
Other / please explain:
At what age did you start feeling this?
Do you cross dress?
Always or most of the time, in public.
Always or most of the time, in private.
Sometimes in public.
Sometimes in private.
Rarely in public.
Rarely in private.
Never in public.
As a kid, did/do people feel that you were a "tomboy" genetic girl or an "effeminate" genetic boy?
Other or please explain:
Do you prefer jobs and/or hobbies conventionally/socially regarded as pertaining to...?
...your genetic gender.
...the opposite genetic gender.
...both / You don't mind.
...other or please explain:
Do you prefer to enter intimate relationships with people of...?
...your genetic gender.
...the opposite genetic gender.
...both / Bisexual.
...other or please explain:
When having sex, do you prefer to assume roles conventionally/socially regarded as pertaining to...?
...your genetic gender.
...the opposite genetic gender.
Anything goes.
Other or please explain:
Any "paraphilias"?
BDSM / sadism / masochism.
Age play.
Sex with other than humans.
Have you ever feel deeply depressed or suicidal because of this?
I am.
Many times.
It's not so bad but it's not fun either.
Not really.
Other / please explain:
Do you wish there was some kind of technology to "switch bodies" or "enter the body" of an opposite genetic gender person? (Brain transplant, mind up/download, a magic wand, whatever...)
That would be a perfect dream for me.
It would be fine but not so important to me.
It would be funny if inexpensive.
Nah, not really.
Other or please explain:
Would you prefer this imaginary technology to be reversible or permanent?
Reversible, I would like to be able to "go back" to my current body.
Permanent would be OK for me, I wouldn't want to "go back."
I wouldn't be interested in such technology.
Other / please explain:
If this imaginary technology was available to you, which body would you "enter" right now? (Gender, age, race, shape, background, whatever you'd feel like...)
Where you abused as a kid?
Other / please explain:
Please feel free to share whatever you feel like:
That's all, thank you very much! Did you find this poll interesting?
This poll was created on 2016-02-27 15:20:20 by emcky