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If you could switch bodies with, or "possess" the body of another person...

I sometimes daydream about being a different person (as in being in another body with a different life.) Let's please imagine for the sake of this poll that there was some kind of available technology to switch bodies with another person, or alternatively to "occupy" or "possess" his/hers without switching (and leaving yours behind): advanced brain transplant, mind up/downloading, developments in transhumanism, Aladdin's lamp, whatever, it's not relevant. To prevent "too easy" answers, let's assume that you can't enter the body of anyone significantly richer or more famous than you. So, if such a thing was possible right now:
Would you approve of this technology?
No, that's unethical / it goes against my beliefs or principles / whatever.
I'd have to think deeper about it.
Yes, provided that everyone involved is fully capable and willing to participate.
Yes, period.
Would you use this technology?
No, I don't think so.
Strictly because of medical reasons.
Maybe I would consider giving it a try, because of medical reasons or not.
Definitely yes!
If this technology was possible and available, do you think it should be regulated by law?
Actually I think it should be banned worldwide.
Not banned but heavily regulated, with strict national and international controls.
Yes but not so much, just a specific regulation and some controls would do.
Not especially. It should just fell under the existing laws and regulations about advanced biotechnology or medical procedures.
No, it should be free.
Your current gender, please?
Genetic male.
Genetic female.
...but my gender identity is:
Your age?
Where are you from? (Your country or continental / cultural region is enough)
Your race or color, if you don't mind...?
...and your body shape / build?
Are you a believer?
Yes, in this religion or belief (optional):
Spiritual but not religious.
No, I'm agnostic / skeptic / atheist or similar.
Politically, you are:
Far left.
Far right.
Apolitical / other:
Anyway, would you enjoy the idea of switching bodies with, or entering the body of something non-human, even if just for a while?
Yes, a:
PLEASE NOTICE: The remaining questions are for those who would approve and use this technology or at least would consider it to switch bodies with, or enter the body of another human. But if you aren't, I'm still willing to know your opinion, so please scroll down and click "Submit vote" if you're so kind. Thanks a lot!
How much risk and expense would you be willing to assume to undergo this procedure? (Please remember that you can't switch bodies with or enter the body of anyone richer or more famous than you are now.)
Any risk and I'd go bankrupt if needed.
Like a serious surgical operation.
Like a minor surgical operation.
Like an average intercontinental flight.
Like a night partying at a not-so-safe area.
Nah, just some bucks and close-to-zero risk.
...or this money:
...or this risk:
Would you prefer this procedure to be permanent or reversible, once you're sure everything went OK?
Permanent, but with the possibility to repeat and "move" to another body after some time (let's say a minimum of 10 years.)
Would you prefer to switch bodies (and possibly lifes...) with another person, or enter his/her body (and possibly life...) without switching?
Switch bodies.
Occupy his/her body without switching.
If the body is "occupied" without switching, should its previous owner be still there?
Yes, and I'd like both of us to smoothly blend into a new personality.
Yes, but only as an spectator.
No, he/she should be gone.
Should everyone involved be required by law to be fully capable and willing?
Are you joking or what? Of course they should!
Yes, with some exceptions:
No, but:
Would you choose to enter the body of a (genetic) male or female?
Of what age range(s)?
Of what race(s) or color(s)?
With what body build(s)?
Optional: And with what kind of life? (Background, relatives, condition, class...)
Are you thinking in an specific person you know?
Yes, s/he is:
No, not really.
Should there be a (national or international) public register of these procedures to prevent impersonation?
Yes, accessible to everyone.
Yes, but only accessible to relevant authorities (courts, doctors, police, civil registry...)
Yes, but:
No, but:
What legal identity should the person have?
The one corresponding to their previous body, if needed with a registered change of name, gender, etc.
The one corresponding to their new body, if needed with a note at their civil registration.
(Optional:) What would be the first thing(s) you'd do with your new body?
If it was possible to repeat the procedure after some time (let's say 10 years again), do you think you would do it?
Absolutely yes! I'd like to try as many bodies and lifes as possible. Actually I think I could easily become kinda of an addict, as in an addiction to an advanced type of plastic surgery.
Maybe I would like to try a few bodies before settling on one.
No if everything went OK, I'd like to be committed to my new body forever and create a whole, plentiful and stable life with it.
Only for life extension purposes.
(Follow-on question, optional:) If you'd like to try several bodies, which ones would you choose after the first one?
Back to the real world: Do you currently suffer from any serious condition or disability?
If you'd like to add or share anything about this stuff, please feel free:
That's all for now, thank you very much! Did you enjoy this poll?
No, because:
This poll was created on 2016-02-27 18:56:22 by emcky