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Bare feet in a photo shoot

Hey everyone, I agreed with a friend of mine to do a photo shoot. In the beginning we agreed that she could choose all the conditions of the shoot, including what I should wear – the exception being nude portraits, which are of course exluded. Since she thinks the photos should be seen by other people, we had a discussion about printing them and putting them on the walls of my apartment. I finally agreed that she should also have the right to choose which of the photos I have to put on the walls and that it has to be a place where they are fully visible. So here comes the problem: She decided that for the photo shoot I will have to wear casual clothes and remove my shoes and socks, since she thinks that bare feet are more beautiful in an indoor photograph and we will do a series of full-body shots. And she said that I will have to put some of these on my wall. I wanted to put them into my room, which is upstairs and hardly ever entered by anyone, but now she says that “visible” means that people are able to see it, so I have to put at least some of them in the living room. But the thing is that I am somewhat shy about being barefoot and feel a little uncomfortable about having these photos on display for everyone to see. So, I would prefer the photos to be without bare feet and if I cannot avoid this, I would prefer them to be visible to the smallest possible number of people. Since we could not really agree on a solution and there is still a little time left until the photo shoot, we decided to make an online poll and let the majority decide. So, what is your opinion?
Since I agreed to let her choose my outfit, do I have to remove my shoes and socks if she demands it?
Yes, this is part of the agreement
No, it is still your choice
Do you think that full-body portraits are more beautiful with bare feet?
Yes, definitely
Yes, sometimes
No, shoes are more beautiful
No, socks are more beautiful
Since I agreed to put the pictures in a visible place, do I have to put them in the living room?
Yes, visible means that people should be able to see them
No, visible means only that they are not covered by anything else, no matter where you put them
If she decides that among the photos in the living room there have to be some with my bare feet visible, do I have to accept it?
Yes, a deal is a deal
Not if you feel uncomfortable about it
If there are visitors at my house, may I remove the photos temporarily in case that I feel uncomfortable about it?
Yes, you shouldn’t have to show them, if you don’t want to
No, the point of a photo shoot is that the photos are to be seen afterwards. The more people see them, the better
Do you consider it strange to have photos with bare feet visible in your apartment?
Yes, very
Yes, a little strange, but you will get used to it
No, there is nothing strange about that and many people do it
No, in fact it is a great idea
This poll was created on 2016-03-07 15:48:28 by Verena1995