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Would you take the fish oil?

In Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Terrigen was dumped into the ocean and got into the fish. The fish were then turned into fish oil capsules and sold in stores for a while before getting recalled. When most people swallow on of these capsules nothing happens. However if someone with the dormant inhuman gene takes one they will be cocooned for a few minutes and wake up changed. They will be given a random power however there is also a small chance it will change their appearance. All the powers so far have been useful but difficult to control when you first get them.

Would you take the fish oil knowing what it may or may not do to you?

91% (21) Yes
4% (1) No
4% (1) I'm allergic to fish oil

23 voters have answered this question.

A few of the inhumans undergo physical changes such as Gordon losing his eyes or Raina becoming covered in spikes. Would you be okay with the changes that might come alone with the superpowers?

21% (5) Yes
73% (17) Maybe. It depends on what it is
4% (1) No

23 voters have answered this question.

What superpower would you most want to have? (Optional)

No graph available for this question

11 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2016-03-08 22:34:45 by Master_Geass
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