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Final Poll-Females only

Due to changes in Mr. Poll I will not be doing any other polls. Click my name and my previous polls will show up. Take my polls if you haven't already. Men there are polls you can take/lurk here. Thank you for your support.
I'm a female
In my 20s
In my 30s
In my 40s
In my 50s+
Your polls
I've taken them before
Took them for the first time
Found them interesting
Lurked them over
Choose all that apply
I really liked your polls
I hope you reconsider you ask such great questions
I remember taking your polls and liking them
There were some polls in which there was supposed to be a series any chance of seeing those completed?
One (or more) of your polls l found interesting and would like to discuss in private. Will you leave contact information ie email addy?
I will miss your polls
Anywhere else we can find you online?
Good luck wherever you go
Thanks for your support
Thanks for your polls they were exciting to take
Hope to see you around the web somewhere
Will say more on the message board
Will email you
Mr Poll is going to lose a good one
This poll was created on 2016-04-14 00:09:10 by dallasvoyer