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Why did you start wearing dress clothes? How? When?

It started when I was 8 because my ma'am (mother) and i went to my friends house and she asked me why he dresses in formal clothing everyday and i said his parents make him. so later that day my friend and i were playing outside when i fell in the dirt and needed to change so i went inside and all of my clothes were gone and were replaced with lots of dress shirts, ties, dress shoes, dress socks, sweater vests(lots), blazers and more and she then told this was how i was to dress from now on. i must stay with correct posture all the time as well as call my mother Ma'am and my father Sir. All of my old friends are gone and the ones i still have, have this dress code as well forced upon from their parents and whenever i meet a new person that i want to befriend, i must ask ma'am and once she has agreed i must impose the use of a dress code to the parents of the person im wanting to become friends with which usually works and they hate me for it. I believe it has greatly improved my manners and behaviour as well as my posture. I always hated wearing this the first time but i would then be told this is hiw i was to dress so there was no use fighting about it.
Who imposed this dress code on you and why?
Do you enjoy wearing these clothes every day because I do
Yes (I would wear it everday all the time)
Somewhat (I'm fine with wearing it but it feels awkward going to Disneyworld in a sweater vest)
No (I hate it and I would rather be spanked then wear it)
If you responded yes above, Why?
Do these clothes now feel like regular casual clothes to you?
Do you need to starch all of your clothes heavily before and after and during wearing them?
Yes (So stiff i can not bend down)
Sometimes (It is uncomfortable to stand)
Do you need to do extra things with your clothes like but the tie through the collar to make it impossible to come off without taking anything else or you have your belt go through the inside of your blazer? etc.
Do you have to stand when your parents enter the room or must you call them Sir and Ma'am and stand with proper posture all the time? Explain
Do you get punished for not doing these things? Explain.
This poll was created on 2016-05-18 18:35:01 by Stuckinuniform