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girl lift boy

girls lifting boy
have you ever been lifted by a girl before? I was lifted by my girl before. She is like 80 lbs 5'6 and im like 135 or 125 i am 19 and 6'0. she is small for her age at 18 but she carry me on her back when we makeout in the dressing room in the mall. nd she got sexy body and i always ask her to let me get on her back. it started wen i gave her something and she was exited and hugged me and picked me up this was yesterday. she say im light and one time she lifted me in some park for hour on her back. but of corse i can carry her to. this is perfecta for beaches in puerto rico where we live. all the girls here are da best
This poll was created on 2016-05-28 04:10:54 by papichulo4661