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What did you do on your summer vacation. (for girls)

You are around thirteen and you live in the suburbs near LA. Everyone thinks you are pretty and you are very tall for your age and can look grown up. But you are a nerd and play a sport. You aren't into dressing up or a lot of makeup. Your grandmother was a well known model and your mother could have been if she wanted. That summer you visit your grandmother in New York and decide to try modeling. Everyone is fine with it. You do it for a month and you are incredibly successful. You get a couple of TV commercials, a magazine cover, and some print ads. The people advise you to wait until you are ready because you are too good to do it part time. You don't need the money but the money should be great. You like modeling but you like computers better but you may change your mind. You go back to school for a year. Then you see you are on TV and in magazines. The girl in the ads doesn't look that much like you. Your family knows of course. The question is do you tell any of your friends about your success.
Are you are girl?
1. Yes
2. No (if you are not a girl you shouldn't be doing the poll)
What is you age.
1. Are you older than 25 years old? (This poll is not for you.)
2. Are you are you between the ages of 9 years old and 26 years old?
3. Are you younger than 10 years old? (This poll is not for you.)
Would you tell any of your friends that you had success in modeling? Not counting things like the end of the world, your friend is dying, or you change your mind and want to model. This is only what you expect to do.
1. Yes
2. No
Did anything like this ever happen to you? If it did what did you do? Is there anything else you would like to add?
This poll was created on 2016-06-19 22:00:10 by flamestar