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Acceptable appearance after work

At work, I wear shirts and tie, suits etc. Often after work I go to maybe my cousins house, or friends house. Recently during a visit to my cousin's house, she asked me what time I had left this morning to go to work. At this point it had been about 16 hours or so. She made reference to how smart I still looked after so much time had passed and said i should loosen all up. She said after so many hours she would expect atleast a loose tie, and shirt a little if not all hanging out. This particular day, i had a suit on and a vneck jumper as it was cold. What are your thoughts?
Do you have to wear formal wear, i.e. shirts and tie, maybe a suit for work?
What do you wear?
Full suit
crew neck Jumper (Sweater)
c-neck Jumper (Sweater)
For work, how does it look?
All perfectly smart
top button open
Tie a little loose
Tie very loose
Shirt tucked in neatly
Shirt untucked
If you wear a sweater, do you still tuck the shirt in?
Yes, I tuck it in under my jumper
No, you cant see it under my jumper, so I don't tuck it in
I have a little bit of my shirt hem below my jumper
Do you do any of the following during work hours?
Remove tie
Unbutton collar
untuck shirt
remove blazer
remove jumper
loosen tie
what about after work?
Remove jacket
remove tie
loosen tie
undo button
untuck shirt
As stated, my cousin said I should loosen up later on when I am lounging, She laughed and said come on, you can't look that smart forever! I loosened my tie to about my second button, opened my top 2 buttons, removed my vneck jumper and jacket and untucked my shirt. Would you say this was a bad look regardless the company I was in? Also, when I was leaving, i put my jumper back on leaving my shirt hanging beneath.
Yes, bad choice, you should remain smart
No, you are chilling
Should have smartened up again before I left
Is it ok for a person dressed in formal attire to loosen to this level, untuck shirt and loosen tie, very low
What are your thoughts on the subject
This poll was created on 2016-07-11 10:00:49 by david-m