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The Church: Blessing or Curse?

The Church has done both evil and good throughout the 2000 years of its existence. What is the Church in your opinion...Blessing or Curse?
Are you a church-going Christian?
Yes, I am a Christian and go to church
I am a Christian but do not go to church
I go to church but am not a Christian
I do not go to church, I used to be a Christian
I do not go to church and am not a Christian
What are the first emotions you feel when you hear the word "Church"?
An unmentioned positive emotion
An unmentioned negative emotion
What is the greatest impact the Church has had on your life?
It has brought me closer to God
It has given me fellowship with other Christians
It has supported me through difficult times
It has reflected Christ to me
It has defined my life and who I am
It has had no impact on me whatsoever
It has stiffled me in my christian walk
It has made me a spiritual cripple
It has caused me to turn my back on God
It has opened my eyes to the emptiness of religion
How would you describe the modern-day Church?
A decent reflection of Christ
A spiritual family
A spiritual hospital
A good institution in need of radical reformation
Church, nothing more and nothing less
A poor representation of Christ
A lifeless organization
An organisation that practices "spiritual abuse"
Opium for the people
The true Church is not visible in our society
I don't know
If you were to change one thing about Church, what would it be?
Make it more of a family
Get the congregation more involved
Reach out instead of reach in
No more worship
Change the organizational structure
Reversal of the worship-preaching order
Do away with clergy
Make it more power-structured
Have more evangelism
Have it be more missions-oriented
I don't know
Is the Church a Blessing or a Curse?
A Blessing
A Curse
This poll was created on 2001-11-25 01:43:07 by pluym