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I peed my pants

I peed my pants so you must punish me.
I peed my pants what punishment will you give me?
Pee my pants
If you selected other or you'll see what is my punishment?
How long is my punishment?
1 day
once a week for a period of time
one week
once a month
once every 6 months
Specify your answer of how long
If you said diapered or just want to reply how often can i change?
what else do i have to do for punishment?
If you think I'm really naughty make the punishment hard if you think I'm not that naughty make it however you want. What is the punishment?
Do you pee your pants?
How often do you pee your pants if so?
Why are you punishing me?
This poll was created on 2016-10-11 20:08:52 by Rosie1313