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boys who get in trouble in public for attention from dad

this is a poll for boys and for fathers/dads of boys who like to get in trouble on purpose for attention in places like church, restaurants, cinema, mall and shops, cars and transportation, relatives houses, and other places by fidgeting, taking off shoes, playing with cell phones, being inappropriate, etc.
how old are you or is your son?
what kind of things do you do to get in trouble in public to get attention from dad such as taking off shoes, fidgeting, saying inappropriate things, playing with cell phone, etc?
where are places you get in trouble in front of your dad such as church, restaurants, cinema/movies, malls/shops, cars/transportation, relatives houses, etc?
why do you (or does your son) do things to get in trouble in front of dad, is it for negative attention, to be noticed, to get punished, or other reasons?
how does your dad respond, does he scold you, punish you, ignore you, let you do what you want, or what?
please feel free to leave experiences of you (or your son) getting in trouble in public places on purpose:
This poll was created on 2016-10-14 10:33:17 by showoffboy