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The Aftermath

Tuesday's Presidential election.
After many long months of campaign rallies, television ads and political commentary clogging our airwaves, the 2016 election is finally over. Half the country is happy and the other half is not. Both are equally amazed at the outcome as are the two candidates. Donald Trump did not expect to win and Hillary thought she had it, in the bag. Both were wrong as well as most pollsters, the major media outlets and Paddy Power betting. For weeks we will be inundated with what went wrong that is for the Clinton campaign and what went right for Trump. It would seem fairly obvious that with the gain of both Wisconsin and Pennsylvania both states thought to be comfortably in the Clinton column, Trumps message was resonating with those who have lost jobs as a result of government policies. Obamacare put the final nail in the coffin with rising premiums and higher deductibles, not what was promised 3 years ago by President Obama. Healthcare for all is a noble idea but it doesn't work, has not worked well in Europe and needs to be replaced with healthcare solutions that work for all involved not only for the patient but for the many doctors and hospitals currently hampered by government intrusion. In an attempt to sway the election outcome, major media news proceeded to tell us how racist and temperamentally unfit Trump was as a potential commander in chief while extolling the virtues of a woman under FBI investigation for dishonesty. So many Americans on Tuesday vented their anger in the only way possible with a vote for Trump protesting years of being neglected and never in the forefront of the minds of the established political elite. May this election serve as a lesson that America is for all the people not just a privileged few at the top! Do you agree or disagree?
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