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How About Investing in a Get-Poor-Quick Scheme

Forty-Three Better Options than Paypal Pyramids via the world wide web

Sure, you could fall for the Paypal Pyramid. That scam has only been going around for ten or twenty years, and there may be someone who can be conned into believing it was endorsed by, variously,

  • a chat-show queen
  • a major newspaper
  • a tax accountant
  • a retired attorney
  • your mother

No, none of those are real. Even your mother is not dumb enough to fall for it. And how about the "guarantee" that you will make money? Well, good luck with that!

At least you have the option of just adding your name to the list and not actually sending any money. Do not feel bad. That is a common practice. The postal inspectors do not care, they only ever look into about three paypal pyramid purveyors per year anyway.

Have you considered ant mailer? How about triple clicks? SFI? SEO? Placing your money in the fireplace and setting it on fire?

Obviously you are not interested in earning money through hard work, but no mind. There are lots of other great plausible-sounding opportunities out there. Preferred providers are ready with great opportunities for their peculation and your pecuniary probing.

Here are three preferred providers:
  1. admin@lalwt.com
  2. desmond.abet@gmail.com
  3. tjesaitis@jangomail.com

Get in touch with these folks. Soon enough, you should be able to bear up under the weight of far less funding. And you were looking forward to that!

Forty other fund helpers: abogadantoniowhite@consultant.com george.uribe@eli-legal.com samuelokpo00012@hotmail.com abogadantoniowhiteen1s@lawyers.es humanright.commission@usa.com saturday501@yahoo.com anderson3310@yahoo.com info@karlskogaenergi.se stivenschulz2016@brazilmail.com andyzhu_8835@yahoo.com info@prevu.co stivenschulz2018russia@gmail.com angela@spinxdigitalmedia.com info@unitedfinancialgroup.es swiftloanservice2@gmail.com angelakinto1993@gmail.com j.korput@blue-waterenergy.com tarique.barkatullah@bcc.net.bd ashwanij@eliglobal.com joselius@unitedfinancialgroup.es unitedfinancialgroupes@gmail.com assistantservice3@hotmail.com karen@mediamarketingz.com whiteantonio57@yahoo.com bothajulie1@gmail.com larrymooreagentoffice@gmail.com writetous@elicle.com chris@firmfinder.net larrymooreofficeinfo@gmail.com yaoadol11@gmail.com claimoffice578@gmail.com marinarobert188@hotmail.com yogastoreinc@gmail.com daniel@karlskogabredband.se mercymichell@hotmail.com yoshiyukubashi@gmail.com ddpp@akatata.com mrsmelissasoros@outlook.com exquitesrepsentatives@gmail.com sameulokpo@gmail.com
Illustrations have no relationship to any of the myriad fiscal separation specialists whose contact information is furnished above. Illustrations are for amusement purposes only, gambling is strictly prohibited. Cash value, 1/20 cent. Do not operate heavy machinery. Most transactions involve you forwarding real money against a hope of receiving a large amount of make-believe money, which works about as well as one would expect.

Would you send $5.00 to m.melien@gmail.com in return for nothing?

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