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Wearing one shoe

I have a problem here. My daughter just turned 16 a few weeks ago and getting very rebellious. Let me start by saying that I have a one shoe and cast fetish. I've always had this fetish. Seeing a woman with one shoe on and one shoe off and the other foot bare or in an ace bandage or something like that has always turned me on. I've tried the whole wearing one shoe thing myself and I like it but I'm way too embarrassed to do it. Done at one time when I had a cast of my foot when I broke it. My daughter has never been around this but for the last 2 years my daughter has been fighting with me for her to only wear one shoe and I will not allow her to do it (I think it's inappropriate for her to do it because I see it as a fetish) so I will fight her to the point that she cries telling her to put both shoes on. I know several times she has snuck out of the house without me catchingcatching her. Well we just went to a bball game where my daughter was cheering, and the cheerleaders start running out onto the court and here comes a short little blonde girl wearing one tennis shoe on her left foot and her right foot bare. I was furious. Especially half time when she was in the middle of the court. I grounded her for 2 weeks and made it a permanent non-negotiable rule that she wearing both shoes. Next day, Saturday I was at work and get a phone call from my sister-in-law because my daughter was over there helping her clean out the garage and said that my daughter picked up a cement brick and slammed it down on her right foot as hard as she could so I had it up taking her to the doctor and lo and behold she broke it now she only gets to wear one shoe. So my questions are
Should I just give in and let my daughter wear only one shoe
If I let her wear one shoe should I make her other foot
Be bare
Be in a bandage for some protection
Make her wear a cast
Or sock
She does not want to wear her right shoe ever again. She wants to burn them, she is very mature mind you that was a pretty stout statement she made. Should I
Burn her right shoes
Hide her right shoes
Make her keep half of her right shoes and on the days that she wants to wear that pair of shoes she has to wear both
Or just let her go one barefoot
This poll was created on 2016-12-07 04:31:06 by Luv1shoeandbandage