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Defeating Black Widow

What would it take for you to defeat Marvel Comics's Black Widow in a fight?
Are you male or female?
If you would, describe yourself.
Do you think you could beat Black Widow as you are right now?
Hell yeah, I wouldn't even break a sweat defeating her
It would be a challenge, but I could do it
Given that she's a super spy, I think i'd do OK. But she would win.
I wouldn't have a chance
I don't know
Well, whether or not you think you could do it on you're own, you're being given an advantage. You can have either one super power or one weapon. Which do you take?
Super Power
If you choose weapon, which weapon do you take?
Brass Knuckles
Frag Grenade
Sci-fi laser gun
Iron Man-style armor
Ultimate Nullifier
If you choose super powers, which one do you take?
Super strength
Super speed
Force powers
Mind Control
Matrix style "I know kung-fu" fighting skills
Ability to control an element (fire, water, earth, air, etc.)
Now armed with your advantage, you choose the venue for your battle. Where does it take place?
Steel cage
Wrestling ring
Gladiator pit
Nondescript warehouse
Office building
SHIELD helicarrier
Top of Avengers tower
Savage Land (tropical forest with dinosaurs)
Black Widow enters, armed with her wrist mounted guns, shock batons, martial arts skills and experience. With your chosen advantage, do you defeat Marvel's premiere super spy?
I beat her so quickly it's barely even a fight
I actually have to drag out her beatdown in order to make it fun more me
She puts up a pretty good fight, but in the end it isn't enough and she goes down
It's back and forth all the way to the end, but I manage to defeat her
Despite my advantage, I can't beat her and she defeats me in a close fight
Black Widow defeats me with contemptible ease
If you defeat her, what do you do with Black Widow?
Even after she is defeated, I continue to beat her down
I leave her there but take a weapon or article of clothing as a trophy
I force her to beg for mercy
I have sex with her
I keep her as a slave
I kill her
I show mercy on her and let her go
If she defeats you (somehow), what she do to you?
Even after I am defeated, she continues to beat me down
She leaves you there but takes you weapon or clothing as a trophy
She forces you to beg for mercy
She has sex with you
She keeps you as a slave
She kills you
She shows mercy and lets you go
Would you like to describe the fight and it's aftermath?
Do you have any comments or suggestions for who should the next fight be against?
This poll was created on 2016-12-09 20:22:42 by Daxamite