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boys who misbehave in restaurants

this is a poll for boys or for fathers with sons who misbehave in restaurants by taking off shoes, fidgeting, or doing inappropriate things.
how old are you (or your son if you are the father)?
do you take off your shoes in restaurants? do you ever loosen clothing? have you ever lost your shoes or an item of clothing in a restaurant?
what other things have you (or your son) done in restaurants that is inappropriate such as fidgeting or doing things you shouldn't?
do you (or your son) do these things in restaurants out of boredom, to get attention, because it is fun, or for other reasons?
how does your father (or you if you are the father) respond such as yelling, scolding, punishing, etc?
please feel free to share any stories or experiences relating to misbehaving in restaurants:
This poll was created on 2016-12-26 20:49:09 by showoffboy