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Adult Braces Poll

Take a poll about having orthodontic braces as an adult.
What age did you get braces? How long did you have them?
Why did you need braces? What needed to be corrected?
What kind of braces did you have? Clear or metal? On both top and bottom teeth? On all teeth or just some? Any additional features (elastics, herbst, etc.)?
How common were adults with braces where you lived?
Very Common (i.e. you see lots of adults with braces)
Somewhat common (some adults here and there)
Not so common (you hardly ever see adults with braces)
Very rare (besides yourself, you don't usually see adults with braces)
What did people say when they first saw your braces?
Was this your first time with braces?
Yes, its my first time with braces.
No, I had braces as a kid
No, I had braces before as an adult.
No, I had braces before, both as a kid and as an adult.
How did you feel attending your first business or job function (i.e., meeting, conference, etc.) with braces?
What is your most fun, interesting, or memorable experience with braces?
What was your worst experience with braces?
Male or Female?
How happy are you with the results of your treatment? (or How happy are you with the results of your treatment so far?
Very happy
Somewhat happy
Mixed feelings (part happy, part unhappy)
Somewhat unhappy
Very unhappy
Not sure yet.
Which do you think is better, having braces as a kid/teenager, or as an adult?
This poll was created on 2016-12-31 04:26:21 by Orthosurveys