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boys who take shoes off in school

this is a poll for boys who like to take their shoes off in school or for teachers who have boys in class who take shoes off
what grade are you in at school? or what grade to you teach if you are a teacher?
what do you do in school, do you do shoeplay, take shoes partially off, kick shoes all the way off, or what? if you are a teacher, what do the boys in your classes do?
why do you do shoeplay or take off shoes in school, is it to get comfortable, to get attention, or for other reasons? if you are a teacher, why do you think boys do shoeplay or take off shoes in class?
do you ever lose shoes in class taking them off, and if so, do you do it on purpose or does it happen accidentally? if you are a teacher, have you seen boys lose shoes in your classes?
please share any stories or experiences of taking off shoes in class in school:
This poll was created on 2017-01-25 14:56:43 by showoffboy